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This is where some of our past students are today:

Canada:  McGill University, University of Toronto

USA:         Yale University, Cornell University , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brown University

UK:            University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, Kings College London

Teacher biography

Cindy Man is a Director and the Founder of The MathScene.

Cindy has a degree in mathematics from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and a Postgraduate Degree of Education in Mathematics from the University of Strathclyde in the United Kingdom.

She has extensive experience of teaching mathematics at top international secondary schools in Europe and the Middle East and is known for her skill in helping each and every student achieve their potential.

After 15 years of teaching overseas Cindy returned to Canada in 2015 and founded The MathScene in Vancouver, with the mission to significantly improve the quality of math teaching available to students in Canada.

Cindy firmly believes that anyone can learn mathematics given the right approach and her students enjoy exceptional examination results, with many gaining places at the world’s top universities.

With a thorough understanding of how mathematics is taught internationally, Cindy is passionate about bringing the best teaching practices from around the world to her students in Canada.



Parent, Canada

Signing up with The MathScene is giving your child the best chance of success. Both our daughters found math difficult. We think this was in large part to the way it is taught in school. Ms Man made our daughters feel very comfortable and guided them expertly so they grasped the concepts needed to build a solid math foundation, which was missing from school. Our older daughter managed to pass math, which her schoolteacher wasn’t sure was possible. Our other daughter obtained a grade of over 80% after previously failing, and found she actually enjoyed math once she understood it. Ms Man is an expert educator who will bring out the potential in your child, as her objective is to help your child truly understand the material.

Ellie O.

Grade 11, UK

Math with Ms Man has been an exciting journey. She has brought out the best in us all. Her sense of humour and quality of teaching has made math great fun.

Ghiya D.

Grade 8, Lebanon

Ms Man has been an amazing teacher. She explains things thoroughly to you and makes sure you understand. She teaches you the best methods to solve any mathematics problems. Plus she makes math fun!

Urvee C.

Grade 12, India

Learning math with Ms Man has been really fun. I learnt math without being stressed or worried about my grades.

Morven S.

Grade 11, UK

Ms Man helped me to understand questions and methods better. She also made me more independent, by making me try harder to work out the questions rather than just giving me the answers.

Niamh R

Grade 11, Ireland

Ms Man was such a good teacher and I learned more from her than my previous teachers. Thank you.

Charlotte C.

Grade 8, Scotland

Having Ms Man as a teacher was very good as she always pushed me to be the best that I could be at maths. I have improved a vast amount after having her as my teacher.

Abi G.

Grade 11, UK

I have survived my maths course. Maths was not my favourite subject, but now it is one of my favourite lessons. Thank you!

Charlie M.

Grade 11, UK

Ms Man made GCSE maths easy!

Sandra T.

Parent, Canada

Enrolling my daughter in classes with Ms Man was one of the best decisions I ever made. My daughter was struggling with advanced math in school, and lacked the confidence to speak out and ask for help. Ms Man was able to fully explain the advanced topics in a way that made sense to my daughter, and in a style that she enjoyed because she felt she was achieving something. My daughter’s grades have gone up quickly and she is now achieving top marks in all her math assessments. I cannot recommend Ms Man’s professionalism and attention to detail highly enough.

Mohamed M.

Grade 12, Tanzania

It has been a pleasure learning Advanced Level Math with Ms Man, and it was definitely made easier by the amazing level of teaching.

Oskar M.

Grade 8, Canada

Ms Man is a very good and kind teacher. She explains everything very well and engages her students with a wide range of activities.

Munir M.

Grade 8, Tanzania

Interactive and entertaining, Ms Man teaches in the best way possible.

Alfie K.

Grade 11, UK

I have enjoyed maths with Ms Man because her teaching methods are superb.

Patrick N.

Grade 12, New Zealand

Over the course of the year, Ms Man has supported me immensely. She is always approachable in case I don’t understand and helps me set and achieve ambitious but realistic targets for myself. Thank you!

Serene M.

Grade 12, UK

I love learning maths with Ms Man. She makes it thoroughly enjoyable and easy to understand.