Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Our one-to-one online math tutoring allows students to stretch their understanding beyond what is capable in a large classroom setting at school.

Why online tutoring?

  • Learn from the best mathematics teachers
  • Settle into a structured learning routine at home
  • Get an individual program, tailored to your needs
  • Continue to receive teaching, even when you are traveling away from home
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1Is online learning right for me?
Please contact us for a complimentary 30 minute private lesson. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with online teaching, and to decide whether it is right for you.
2How does online tutoring work?
We use the latest “whiteboard” technology which allows both teacher and student to see, hear and write together in real time - exactly as they would in a classroom setting. Everything you and your teacher write during the lesson (including graphs, diagrams and formulae) will appear on the “whiteboard” on your computer monitor. You will be able to save your class notes in a PDF format, so you will have a complete record of your lessons to help with later revision. See the short video below

3What equipment will I need?
You will need a computer and a good, reliable internet connection. Also, you will need some form of input device to allow you to write/draw on the interactive whiteboard. You can use a stylus to write directly on the trackpad of a laptop. Alternatively, you may need a ‘pen tablet’ such as the ones supplied by Wacom.
4How many students will there be in my online classroom?
Our online tutoring is normally one-to-one, so you will receive personal tutoring. However, we can also provide group tutoring (in a shared online classroom) if 2 or 3 students of similar ability would like to study together. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.
5When is online tutoring available?
We will schedule your online tutoring sessions to fit in with times that are convenient for you, dependent upon your local time zone. Please contact us for more information.
6Which curriculum do you follow?
Our teachers specialize in all the major international curricula including those used in Canada, the USA, the UK and the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma Programme.
7What is expected of me if I register for an online course with you?
You should be in a quiet room by yourself, where there will be no distractions for the full duration of the lesson. If you have a mobile phone in the room with you it should be turned off. In addition, other applications on your computer should be closed so you are not distracted.
8Do you set homework?
Yes. Homework is vital to consolidate a student’s understanding. After every lesson we will always set homework, with the amount being appropriate to each individual student’s needs.
9Can I sign up for the occasional class only?
No. We offer structured math courses, not one-off lessons. We do this because we know from experience that learning mathematics correctly (and learning to think/work independently) is a process that takes time.
10How do I pay for online tutoring?
We accept payment by cheque or bank transfer in either Canadian or US Dollars, whichever is more convenient for you.
11How soon will I see results?
There are no quick fixes, learning math properly is a process that takes time. However, students who apply themselves and work effectively will see results. We have an excellent track-record of getting students into their first choice school or university. Click here to see where our past students are today.