Vancouver Classes

Vancouver Classes

Our after-school math classes allow students to stretch their understanding beyond what is capable in a large classroom setting at school.

We teach students in small groups so they learn to become independent and critical learners, capable of mastering the more complex math principles with ease.

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1When are your classes?
Our classes are held on weekdays in the afternoon/early evening and on Saturday mornings. Students can choose to attend as many classes per week as they require. Please contact us for the latest class timetable.
3What age must students be to attend your math classes?
We teach high school students in Grade 6 to 12. We also teach university students who need assistance with the math elements of their studies.
4How do you differ from other tutoring companies?
We insist on small group sizes of typically 6 to 8 students, so that each student gets sufficient personal attention. The high quality of our teaching is evident in the exceptional examination results achieved and the confidence gained by our students.
5Which curriculum do you follow?
We believe that the fundamentals of good mathematics teaching are universal. Our teachers specialize in all the major international curricula including those used in Canada, the USA, the UK and the IB (International Baccalaureate) system.
6Are students given homework?
Yes. Homework is vital to consolidate a student’s understanding. After every lesson we will always set homework, with the amount being appropriate to each individual student’s needs.
7How can parents help?
Parents can encourage their children to practice the problem solving techniques that we teach them in class. This practice is vital for independent learning. Parents can also follow our regular articles on Facebook, with the latest updates in math education.
8How soon will I see results?
There are no quick fixes. Learning math properly is a process that takes time. However, students who apply themselves and work effectively will see results. We have an excellent track-record of getting students into their first choice university. Click here to see where our past students are today.
9What resources do you use?
We use the best mathematics resources, as used in top international schools.
10How do you prepare students for their exams?
We are specialists in preparing students for their important exams and tests. We will teach you how to revise the correct topics so you feel more confident and reduce any exam anxiety.
11What happens if I cannot get to your classes in West Vancouver?
We also offer online lessons. Please contact us for more details.